3D Home Cinema - A Great Gift Idea

3d Home Cinema

Home cinemas are great for all the family and have increase in popularity in the last decade. However, there are now 3D home cinema products that are changing the way your family watches thier favourite films. 

The release of LG’s 72-inch 3DTV has revolutionized viewing experiences after being described as ‘as close as you can get to 3D home Cinema’ due to the huge screen.

JVC’s answer to this was to release what many home cinema enthusiasts will tell you is THE ‘true 3D home cinema experience.’ JVC have released the DLA-X3, a full HD 3D projector. 

Using this new home cinema can feel just like you’re at the cinema, streaming 3D images directly on to a screen or through your 3D Blu Ray discs. The DLA-X3 is built upon their D-ILA optical engine and supports full HD resolution (1080p, 1920 x 1080) boasting a projection throw of 60 to 200 inches. The system also has a contrast ratio of 50,000:1.

The features would suggest that kit like this would come with a premium price tag. Unsurprisingly, the DLA-X3 is no exception, priced in the region of £3500. However, this still undercuts the price of rival 3D home cinema projectors by 50% in some cases.

JVC also have alternative 3D home cinema equipment, namely the DLA-X7 which is available from £6,500 and the DLA X9 retailing at £9,500. While, both set ups are THX certified the DLA-X7 features a contrast ratio of 70,000:1 whereas the DLA-X9 comes in first place with a 100,000:1 ratio. All projectors are compatible with the PK-AG1 JVC active shutter glasses. This can be all wrapped up with the PK-EM1 3D signal emitter, keeping the 3D in full sync with the glasses.

To complete the experience, add a surround sound system and you will never have to go the cinema again. For more information about your 3d home cinema set up, please visit http://www.grahams.co.uk/. Based in London, Grahams has a purpose built facility which was labelled one of the 5 best hi-fi shops in the world.  

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