Anniversary Gift Etiquette

Anniversary PresentsWedding anniversaries are special occasions to celebrate a couple’s love and commitment. If you’re trying to come up with anniversary present ideas, this will help you to understand a bit more about anniversary gift etiquette. 

Who Gives The Gift? 

Clearly, both parties of the married couple will want to give each other a gift. However, family and friends sometimes wonder what their role is. There are no hard and fast rules here and the couple in question will no doubt appreciate small gifts from close friends and family, although they are by no means obligatory. When it comes to present ideas, keep both members of the couple in mind to help you choose something they will treasure.

Themed Anniversary Gifts

It’s a long-held tradition that each year of marriage is represented by a different material. For example, paper is traditional for the first year of marriage, while leather represents the third year, lace represents the thirteenth year, silver represents thetwenty fifth year and so on and so on.

When it comes to your anniversary gift ideas, you don’t need to restrict them to these traditions but it can be nice to incorporate them. Any anyway, these parameters can actually make it easier to come up with anniversary present ideas.

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