Handmade Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Gift IdeasHandmade gifts make great anniversary presents, whether you may them yourself or invest in someone else’s handywork.

There are lots of different handmande gifts to choose from and the right one for you will depend on factors such as your budget, the tastes and interests of your loved one and even how many years you have been married. 

Low Budget Handmade Gifts

To save money you could make your own handmade gifts, such as painting your loved one a picture, knitting or sewing something like a nice cross stitch kit, or even cooking a meal or baking some treats.

Low-cost handmade goods such as toiletries, chocolates and trinkets are also often well received. Try making your own cards with a papercraft kit or some scavenged materials from around the house.

Themed Gifts

Anniversaries typically have a theme attached to them. For example, the first wedding anniversary is associated with paper, whilst the tenth anniversary is associated with tin or copper and the twentieth is associated with china. There are many others such as diamond, ruby, cotton and pearl.

The fifth wedding anniversary, for example, is associated with wood, and there are lots of handmade trinkets and items which would make perfect gifts. You could choose a personalised wooden heart on a ribbon or handmade wooden peg rail to use in the kitchen - and there are other handmade wooden gifts available too.

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