Baby Knitting Pattern Gift Ideas

Baby Knitting PatternsKnitting for babies is usually great fun and very rewarding, and knitted baby clothes are fantastic presents for a new mum (or dad) who will likely be despairing at the rate of growth of their once-little one which causes them to almost daily stop fitting into their existing baby wardrobe.

Baby knitting projects are popular with grannies and modern knitters alike because they are small and tend to be completed quite quickly which gives a real sense of accomplishment as the mound of completed projects goes up. Bibs, booties, ponchos, pillows, toys and more are all within the grasp of gift giving for anyone with some basic knitting knowhow. Here are some great ideas and baby knitting patterns to get you started.

Baby Speckle DK hats are absolutely adorable and come in a variety of styles including beanie, helmet and tea bag “ears” hats. There are also a selection of patterns for Baby Speckle cardigans, jackets and even a complete Baby Speckle DK pattern book to make best use of this lovely 60% cotton mixed yarn.

The Sirdar Snuggly Baby poncho is great for keeping baby wrapped up warm in a variety of lovely soft colours and styles, and the Snuggly Baby Bamboo pattern book lets you really take advantage of this selection of ultra-soft wool and bamboo fibre yarns which are designed especially for use in baby clothing.

The Knitted Meerkats Calendar is a beautiful and novel way to present a pattern book, with each month showing a new simple-to-follow pattern for Sue Stratford’s wonderful knitted meerkats which would make lovely gifts for any quirky grown up as well as a baby!

This beautiful knitted penguin toy kit is a lovely cuddly friend for a baby’s crib and comes with everything you could need including yarn, needles, ribbon, thread, eyes and full instructions. Have a look for other knitted toy kits and patterns as well – these are lovely gifts for babies newborn and older and are often both safer for babies and less expensive than buying toys from shops even after the additional cost of the knitting yarn is factored in.

For more ideas on knitting presents for babies take a trip to Readicut Crafts, home of the finest crafts since 1928, and have a browse through their online shop at today.

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