Baby Shower Gift Etiquette

Baby Shower Gift IdeasIf you’re trying to come up with present ideas for a forthcoming baby shower, thinking about the gift-giving etiquette for these events can help you narrow things down. 

The List 

Before you get too carried away with your new baby gift ideas, ask whoever is organising the baby shower whether there is a gift list. If there is it’s usually best to abide by it. You can always personalise your contribution by practising your card-making skills and making a handmade card.

Alternatively, try a nice commemorative gift for the proud parents. What about a new baby photo frame, a baby photo album or a lovely hand-sewn cross stitch kit? You can even get samplers for the baby's name, if the couple have one picked out, or if you aren't the hobbycraft sort then why not look on eBay or somewhere similar to see if someone is selling their completed version? Auctions can be a great place to shop for new baby gift ideas.

Plan for Returns

Nobody wants to think that their baby shower gift will be unwanted and therefore returned but it really is best to provide a receipt when giving a gift. It may be that the parents have been given a duplicate gift or just need another size or colour so there is no need to take offence and it is better that they get something they can use, rather than you wasting your money.

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