Handcrafted New Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Gift IdeasIt’s traditional to give new baby gifts which are practical, cute and can be treasured for the future. Here some ideas for handicrafts which are ideal for new baby gifts


Knitted baby gifts are very cute and mum and dad will appreciate the time, care and creativity that have gone into the present. There are lots of different knitting patterns and kits available for baby items - have a look for some baby knitting patterns to start you off. These include cardigans, mittens, hats, bootees and more. If you’re just starting out with knitting, try knitting colourful squares which you can later stitch together to create a beautiful blanket. More experienced knitters could try making knitted toys for the baby.


Embroidered gifts are ideal for new babies. You can embroider items such as blankets, baby-grows, cardigans, mittens, hats and more. You can buy readymade transfers of cute characters or images or lettering. Alternatively, you could sketch out the baby’s name or a simple image and embroider it for a truly unique design.

Tapestries and cross stitch kits are also ideal. You could stitch a message, poem or lyric for the baby and parents or choose a suitable image which would look nice framed and hung on the baby’s wall. If you're feeling adventurous you could even try a rug-making kit for a lovely accessory for the nursery!


Simple card-making materials will help you give new parents a card to remember and keep. All you need is high-quality card and some suitable papercraft embellishments such as ribbons, lettering, stickers and beads. The card could even be put into a themed baby photo frame for the child to keep and treasure when they grow up.

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