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Nowadays, when you have a new-born child in your family, one of the most common memoires to make the rounds of the immediate family and close friends is a photo of your baby. Usually this is held in a nice frame that will last and still look good many years later when that child has grown up to appreciate it themselves.

baby-photo-frameChoosing the right photo frame for your new-born child is a very important aspect of welcoming the baby to its family. For many members of the family, a photo of the baby will be the first time they see your child, so how you present it matters greatly.

You can buy some photo frames that offer a very simple black or silver border around the photo. This is especially useful if you think the photo is a beautiful likeness of the child, where the focus of the photo needs to be on the child, and solely on the child only. The simple black border around the photo draws attention to the photo, and therefore to the beautiful child portrait.

Alternatively, other designs for baby photo frames include ones with more traditional designs around the photo, to help identify the child even more. For example, a baby photo frame may be either blue or pink, depending on whether it is for a boy or a girl. The border around the photo may also be big to allow other designs to fit onto it, such as personalised names, or other words such as ‘New-Born’, ‘Baby’, or a memorable phrase to describe the child.

If you are looking to purchase a baby photo frame, Occasion Photo Frames offer a vast selection of photo frames for parents looking to frame their child’s picture. They also supply photo frames for other occasions, such as Weddings, Baptisms and Christenings, Engagements and many more. While you’re looking at getting some photo frames for you new-born child, you may consider getting some more for their baptism or christening too!

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