Christening Present Ideas

 presents for childrenWhen choosing occasion gifts, such as those for a christening, you’ll want to choose a present that has meaning and which can be treasured for a long time. Here are some great ideas for occasion gifts for christenings.


Delicate items of jewellery are popular as a christening gift and they can even be given in an adult size as something to treasure and keep until the baby is older. Many people choose to have christening jewellery engraved with a personal message that will mean something to the recipient later in life.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are special frames made for items which are to be treasured. They are popular as occasion gifts for christenings in particular as many people like to use them to save and display the christening gown. Many christening gowns are passed down from generation to generation.

Photo Frames

Baby photo frames are an ideal present for a christening and parents love to remember the day by framing a picture of such a special occasion. Christening photo frames are available in all different styles, colours and sizes and many come decorated with a ribbon or a meaningful poem or prayer. For a great selection, try today.

Personalised Gifts 

Personalised gifts are also popular for christenings. These personal gifts, which are often embroidered or printed, can include baby-grows, hats, blankets, bibs and more. These are a practical gift which the parents can use and also something which can be retained as a keepsake as the baby gets older.

To narrow down for options when buying a christening gift, consider the parents of the baby in question, your relationship to them and the baby and also your budget. You’ll soon find the perfect present which will be treasured for many years to come.

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