Home Cinema Mistakes

Home cinema is often complex and hard to install, it’s easy to make mistakes especially if you are setting it up yourself. This article helps you to get the best out of your home cinema and explain mistakes that are commonly made.

Home Cinema

The first mistake is choosing a screen that’s too small, viewers should be able to immerse themselves when watching something on the TV, the eyes should be able to move around the screens, if you can take in the whole picture in one glance you are not getting the full experience of a home cinema. Once a screen size has been chosen it is then important to choose where the chairs will go and what the viewing distance will be. The viewing distance determines whether the picture occupies the optimal 30 degrees of your field of vision-or just 10. The correct viewing distances depend on the screen size. Mounting the TV too high up, you must be very careful when doing this as if it is too high you’ll spend the whole time looking upwards. The viewers’ eyes should be slightly above the centre of the picture for perfect viewing.Lighting setting on the home cinema often causes problems, adjusting the lighting badly is often a problem, ambient lighting should always be less bright than the screen, so that dark screens remain clearly visible. Light should never fall directly on the screen this can ruin the picture from the outset. The contrast on the TV is often set wrong, it is the contrast setting, and not the brightness setting that changes the TVs overall light output.

 The speakers are an important part of a home cinema, speakers should not be more than half of the screen’s width away from the edge of the TV. You should also be careful where you put the speakers, if they are too close to the wall which can produce reflections that can disturb the overall listening experience. The centre speaker is the main one and therefore needs to be positioned in the correct way, not at floor level and

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