Birthday Party Creative Ideas

Birthday Party IdeasLooking for unusual or creative ideas for birthday parties? These are some ideas that will make the event one to truly remember.

Cinema Party

Rather than going to the pub, why not gather your friends together for a cinema party? You could hold the event at your house if you have your own home cinema setup, or even hire out a local small independent cinema – most will do you a good deal and it will be really different to the average annual bash. Watch your favourite film of all time or choose a fun film that everyone can get involved with, such as a cult movie or a musical. Make sure you provide popcorn and drinks for everyone for an authentic feel. Visit for more information on a great home cinema experience.

Dance Party 

Instead of dragging your friends to a nightclub, why not hold your own dance party? You could hire a dance teacher and then hire a space such as a hall or room quite cheaply. Alternatively, research dance studios in your area – many now offer group dance session. You could learn the dance routine to your favourite song or learn moves such as jazz, burlesque and disco.

Cookery Party

Cookery parties make a good change from simply going out for a meal and they’re certainly easier than one person cooking for a big party. They are the perfect way to combine mingling, learning something new and enjoying a delicious fresh-cooked meal with friends and family. Visit to ask about their London cookery parties.

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