Corporate Cooking Days

Corporate Team BuildingCooking has long been recognised as the ideal team builder as it allows individuals to work together to create something truly amazing in a relaxed and fun environment.

Venturi’s Table is the UK’s first Corporate Cookery Centre, custom-built to provide fun team building cookery experiences for groups of business professionals. Since opening in 2005 they have worked with over 11,000 professionals.

Team building cookery events at Venturi’s are a ‘tried and tested’ way for professionals to strengthen their working relationships. The process is natural and unforced. Senior managers make fresh pasta with junior members of the team and departmental divides are crossed with conversations about making the perfect risotto.

By offering corporate team building events designed around hands-on cookery and delicious food Venturi’s have create a method which is both inclusive and universally appealing. Professionals may arrive dreading what their boss has arranged but they always leave the building smiling.

To book your cooking day with Venturi's Table contact them today via their team building ideas website!

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