Corporate Men's Gifts

Corporate Men's GiftsPeople often say that men can be hard to buy for, even if you are shopping for a birthday or Christmas present for someone you know well. That's why many people find corporate gifts for men tricky too. Don’t worry, though, here are some options you could think about, whether the gifts are for clients, staff or to be used as a marketing tool for potential customers.

Executive Toys

Because corporate gifts for men are given in a work context, executive toys can be ideal. Everyone enjoys a gadget to fiddle with at their desk – it can help people relax or even think more clearly.

If you are giving corporate gifts as a marketing tool, you know that an executive toy will be given pride of place on the recipient’s desk, keeping your company in their line of vision and thoughts.

Gadgets such as dongles, data sticks, headphones and docking stations also make good corporate gifts as they’re likely to be something the recipient would use very regularly, both at work and outside of it.

Sports Gifts 

Lots of males (as well as females of course!) enjoy sports so trips to sporting events can make excellent corporate gifts for men. For example, it could be tickets to an event, a place in your company’s box at an event or even some branded sports items bearing your company logo. These could include golf clubs and bags, sweatbands, sportswear and more.

Business Card Wallet

Again, because they’re work-related, business card wallets make excellent corporate gifts for men. They’re great for keeping your own business cards together and collecting them from customers and contacts. Having the wallets subtly branded with your company logo will also catch other people’s eyes and could bring in new business.

When choosing corporate gifts for men, make sure you choose something that the recipient will appreciate and use and something that will add the maximum value for your business.

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