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Cookery PartiesThese days it can be difficult to organise staff social events and gifts which are suitable for everyone and which really motivate staff and make them feel valued.

Have you considered cookery parties? These events offer something more than just a staff meal out and can also make things more comfortable for staff. It’s a fact that staff events can sometimes be awkward and employees feel compelled to talk about work or feel awkward about socialising with people they only know through work.

Cookery parties provide staff with a common goal and, with a relaxing activity in place, people feel less awkward about making conversation and things flow more naturally.

Cooking events also take the focus off drinking, which can sometimes be a problem at staff dos. Some people may drink too much, whilst others who prefer not to drink may feel excluded. At a cooking party, there’s the chance to sip wines and try prosecco for those that want to, but equally there is plenty to do for non-drinkers.

Staff still have the chance to enjoy a sit-down meal together at the end of the session, as they would at the usual Christmas party. However, many find it more fun to have cooked the food themselves and to have learned something new about food and cooking alongside colleagues.

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