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Buying Gifts OnlineIf you are browsing for gifts, then you have probably been doing some online window shopping. For many people the concept of ordering gifts online is still quite new. Although mail order and catalogue shopping has been available for years, there is something about buying online that still worries some shoppers. So, whether you are entirely new to buying gifts online or you are an experienced shopper who already knows their way around an online shopping centre, these tips may help make your buying experience a positive one.

When shopping online, always make sure that you know the company you are buying from. Don't go around passing out your credit card number to anybody who asks for it! Only purchase from companies you've heard of as reputable. You can do some research into companies at the Better Business Bureau. Most big catalogue stores also have websites, so they're a good opportunity for a safe shopping trip with a known vendor.

If you get an email asking you to buy from a store you haven't heard of, don't click on any links in the email. Most email links are scams set up to steal credit card details. If you want to shop from a website, enter the website address manually rather than going through an email link.

Whenever you can, try to use a credit card to buy gifts online. This way, if anything goes wrong with the order and the seller won't accept returns or offer refunds, you can file a dispute with your card company and still get your money back for defective products. Don't forget to check a company's returns policy before you buy from them. Many items like DVDs or software aren't returnable after they are opened, and some clothing items like lingerie cannot be returned after they have been worn. Returns policies are particularly important when it comes to gifts, in case they need to be exchanged later.

Are you buying online because you're looking for a good deal? The best bargains are usually found at online auction sites like eBay or For best results log on early in the morning and grab a deal while the rest of the world is still groping for its first cup of coffee!

Buying gifts online is not so different from browsing through a shopping centre or catalog. Try to think over who the gift is for and if they have any favourite items or a wish list before you commit to buying something for them. Try to avoid "get out" gifts like toiletries or chocolate. Even a nice photo frame is more personal than that and has the added benefit of not being consumable. As a final thought to shopping for gifts, try to stay within a sensible budget and select something nice which you know you can comfortably afford.

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