Christening gift etiquette

If you’re trying to come up with gift ideas for the perfect christening present, thinking about etiquette can help you focus and refine your list. 

Christening gifts from godparents 

Godparents are usually close friends or family and they have a special role in the christening ceremony. It’s sometimes traditional for the godmother to buy the baby the christening gown but this is slightly outdated now and the parents often prefer to get the gown themselves.

However, when it comes to christening gift ideas, godparents will want to buy a gift which can be kept and treasured. Common presents include photo frames, jewellery or a silver spoon or cup.

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Christening gifts from others 

If you’re invited to a christening ceremony or party, it’s customary to take a gift. It may sound unusual but it’s usually not considered appropriate to give christening gifts such as toys.

More appropriate gifts include books, pictures, jewellery or decorative items which can be kept. Sometimes parents request money to invest for the child or donations to charity. When you’re compiling your list of christening present ideas, find out the parents’ wishes first.

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