Christmas Card Making

A Christmas card is what keeps family and friends close around the holiday period. This year why not think about making your own for an extra touch? Christmas card making is something which you can do for fun with the family and will help you to get in the Christmas spirit.
Sending Christmas cards started in Britain in 1840 when the first public postal deliveries began called the “Penny Post”, it started after the invention of the railways. When Christmas cards first started they were originally just hand-written however as printing methods improved they were produced in large amounts for people to buy already printed.  The printed Christmas cards became more popular when they could be posted in an unsealed envelope for one half-penny which was half the price of an ordinary letter.
Christmas card making means that you can personise for every different person you are sending a Christmas card to. 
if you are interested in creating your own christmas card then visit where they have stationary and paper crafts which can help you with your Christmas card making. 

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