How to create awesome Christmas cards for your gifts

There is something timeless and enchanting about well wrapped gifts at Christmas, particularly if they have a home-made gift card attached. By making a little time to create your own Christmas gift cards, you will feel you are offering a more personal touch and the recipient will appreciate your efforts.

Why create my own Christmas cards?

By designing and making your own cards, you will be showing that you have invested your own time, and that you care about the individual recipient enough to do so. You may also be surprised by how cheaply you can create your cards, through a clever use of recycling everyday household items.

How do I do create my own Christmas cards?

Visualise the ideal size for your card before you begin, and ensure that you have enough space for text as well as room for a suitable fixing to fasten it to the gift.

Assorted card ideas to get you started:

Buttons - Spare buttons in assorted sizes can make bodies and heads for snowmen, with further details drawn on with a pen. Ensure you use a card sufficiently stiff to support the weight of the buttons!

Felt/fabric - simple felt or fabric shapes can be cut out and affixed to a medium weight card. A Christmas round bauble shape can be cut from the card for added interest.

Origami - origami shapes can feel challenging at first but once you master a couple of beginners folding techniques, you can produce stunning simple cards to impress! You can use any lightweight flexible paper, and for most projects a square shape is best.

Printing - scratch a simple Christmas image onto a piece of waste polystyrene packaging (for example a discarded fruit tray) to create an image to print from. Simply apply ink or paint over the image and press onto a clean piece of medium weight card.

Scented Parchment bundle - choose a small piece of parchment paper and use a gold pen to inscribe your message. Then simply roll around a cinnamon stick, for seasonal scent, and use ribbon to tie to your gift.

Stickers - unprinted self adhesive stickers are readily available. If you have a child to hand, ask them to create a masterpiece on the sticker for you - it is advisable to print your message before the child draws to ensure enough space for both!

Left over cards - if you have retained cards from a previous Christmas, a quick and simple trick is to choose an interesting section, cut it out and create a whole new card. A hole punch can be used to create a hanging hole before fixing to your gift with a pretty ribbon.

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