Christmas Cookery Party

Christmas is when family get together to have a good time and celebrate the year passed. It is normally a time when family and friends come to visit, it can sometimes be nice to do something special. A good way to enjoy your time together is a cookery party, it may not have been something you considered before but a great idea to get everyone together and enjoy something different.

Christmas cooking

A Christmas cookery party involves learning how to cook an authentic Italian meal with top chefs to help you along the way. Guests will cook in a state of the art kitchen with all top alliances. When guests arrive they will be greeted by a glass of prosecco and homemade Italian canapés, examples of these are parmesan shortbreads with sun-blushed tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and king prawn tails wrapped in pancetta. Guests then start making their meal, once the meal is cooked they sit down together to eat. Although cooking can sometimes seem like hard work the chefs are there to make sure that it is as effortless for guests as possible.

 A Christmas cooking party can be tailor made to your wants, you can choose from a choice of Italian dishes that your guests will cook and in which kitchen you want to cook in. The idea of the Christmas cooking party is that guests can learn how to make amazing food and everyone can enjoy each other’s company. If this is of interest to you visit

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