Personalised Christmas Cards

personalised christmas cardChristmas is fast approaching. Retailers and businesses have started their promotional activity long before the start of November. Thousands are writing their Christmas card list and will soon be flocking to the nearest supermarket to pick up their box of 500 generic Christmas cards. Although sending cards is considered an act of good will, it is an activity which is so easy to get wrong.

Simply scrawling ‘Dear X from Y’ is considered a waste of paper and postman miles and will definitely send the wrong impression to the recipient who will simply believe that they are a mere tick on the list. It’s time to restore the personal nature of cards through personalised Christmas cards. Christmas is about showing those close to you that you care and what better way than to send them a personalised Christmas card.

As a child, everyone remembers the care an effort we would put into our cards to our classmates, writing inside jokes and drawing pictures. These were often better than buying presents as the personal touch was long lasting. Nowadays, we seem to have no time. But a quick scribble on a mass produced card isn’t really a great way to say how much you care, especially in the case of close friends and family.

You may be thinking that personalised Christmas card printing can be expensive as well as time consuming and look naff. However, Orbital Print’s unique printing process and buying power means we can offer personalised Christmas card printing at discounted rates, as our gift to you. Orbital Print can handle any printing needs, designs and cards of all sizes using quality digital short run or long run printing methods. As a member of the Orbital Marketing Services group, Orbital print has the facilities to produce and mail Christmas cards in all batch sizes. For more information, please visit

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