Gift ideas for photographers

Photography kit can often be expensive but keen snappers will want the right kit to make the most of their talent and creativity. They will appreciate a photography-themed gift to help them with their hobby. 

Looking for present ideas for the photographer in your life? Look no further. Here are some ideas.

Bits of kit

Cameras are expensive but if it’s a special birthday, photo lovers will always appreciate a new bit of kit. However, there are other things you can give such as new lenses, lighting, camera bags, film and more. Chat to the recipient about their hobby so you can surprise them with a thoughtful gift.


Photo frames and albums 

Photographers always need photo frames and albums to display their work. Pay attention to the types of photo frames that they usually choose as this will give a clue to their tastes and the type of frame they would most appreciate.


Photographers are creative types who are always looking for inspiration. Buy them a photo book by an artist they admire or perhaps on a theme that interests them. Even autobiographies or biographies on photography masters should help fire up their imagination.

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