Novel ideas for gifts for girls

Wondering what to buy a young girl in your life? These days, it can be tricky as girls often get money from part-time jobs or from parents to buy what they want for themselves. However, there are still lots of great gifts for girls which they may be unlikely to buy for themselves but would still enjoy.

Give time

Many girls don’t need new clothes, make-up or CDs as they already have plenty already and would prefer to choose their own. Why not give them the gift of some time with loved ones or a new experience instead?

If you’re close, you could treat them and their mum or dad to a day out with you, perhaps to their favourite spot for lunch and to see a film, visit a museum or enjoy other activity you can all take part in together.

Alternatively, you could pay for the girl to enjoy an outing with close friends. Pamper treatments, films, bowling and food always go down well.

The gift of creativity

Giving girls a craft-related gift encourages them to enjoy spending time doing something creative. It can also be a calming way to spend time and give young people a sense of pride and achievement.

Ideal crafts for young girls include knitting, rug-making, card-making and needlecraft. If you’re handy yourself, the ideal gift is some materials to get them started and some tuition from you.

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