Cardmaking for Christmas

You can make cards for any occasions and with Christmas just around the corner, only three months to go! Why not start now!

Cardmaking is a simple and enjoyable craft that anybody can get into, no matter their age. Materials can be picked up from any craft retailer and you can also use household objects to keep the costs low and make the card stand out.

How the card looks is entirely down to you and your imagination, including private jokes and individualised images and text can make the card personal and extra special.

How to Make Your Own Christmas Card

Cardmaking for Christmas

To make your own Christmas card, the first step is to choose your card and paper. Ensure that you have enough space on your card so you can really be creative and imaginative with your design, as well as ensuring that the paper for the inside of the card is slightly smaller than the card itself.

The next step is to simply try out different designs, don’t glue anything down until you have played around with various different formats, materials and designs and until you are happy with the format, material and design that you have chosen.

The final step is to secure your chosen design to the card with glue and Volia! You have created a card!

Factors to Remember When Making Your Own Christmas Card

There are various factors to bear in mind when making cards, they include..

  • If you are using photos on your cards, ensure that you print them out in matt to avoid any creases or fingerprints showing up.
  • If you are using a printed font, try out the font on paper before you print it out onto the card. This will flag up any errors before you print and mean that you are less likely to ruin your card with the wrong colour or font size.
  • If you are posting the card, take into account the envelope size and the cost of postage – delicate cards may need to be posted in a jiffy bag or a slim box to ensure that the design stays intact.

To make the card truly personal, why not write on the back of the card ‘Handmade by’ with your name. This makes the card a keepsake and allows the receiver to know that the card that they have received was handmade by you and not by a corporation, claiming to be handmade.

Another factor to remember is that you can use a wide range of crafts in the craft of cardmaking, these include embossing, die-cutting, decoupage, cross stitching, embroidery and many others. All will add that little something extra to the card and allow you to practice your skills.

Inspiration for Christmas Cards

If you are looking for inspiration for Christmas cards then check out the links below:

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