How To Make Decoupage Gifts

Decoupage Gift MakingPapercraft decoupage is an amazing hobby where the completed project is often incredibly deceptive, giving the impression that the techniques used to make it are highly complex when in fact they are remarkably simple.

If you can cut out and paste pieces of paper and card then you already know more or less everything you need to in order to create amazing decoupage gifts, cards and other items. Essentially the technique for decoupage runs as follows:

  • Cut out pictures
  • Glue the pictures onto an object
  • Cover with several coats of glue and/or decoupage medium for protection

That’s it! While it is possible to get very high quality decoupage kits which contain nice pre-cut pictures and other decorative features, the chances are that if you own some scissors and glue you in fact have everything on hand you need to start your own decoupage project right now.

You can decoupage absolutely anything which is why the technique can make remarkable and unusual types of gifts, everything from fruit bowls to paperweights, homemade cards (if you’d prefer not to use special card kits) to unique and colourful table centrepieces, and more or less anything else you can imagine!

First, ensure the item you want to decoupage is clean and dry. If you want to paint it first, make sure the paint is completely dry before you start.  Cut out the pictures you’re going to dry, or open up your decoupage kits (many craft shops sell pre-cut pictures which can even come with the medium pre-applied so they just need to be peeled off and stuck on by hand), then arrange the pictures onto the item before you apply any glue. You can arrange the pictures however you like, and they can overlap if you would like them to!

Once you’ve arranged the picture (but not stuck them down yet) apply a layer of decoupage medium to the entire object (or to the back of each picture, if you prefer) and then start laying out the pictures as you go. If you’re coating the object it is better to work on one small section at a time – if you’re applying the medium to the back of the pictures then you can just glue as you go.

When sticking the pictures down make sure they stick smoothly by starting from the centre of each item and working your way out to smooth wrinkles or excess medium and glue. You can also use a popsicle stick for this, and even get special papercraft tools called brayers which are designed to do this easily.

Let everything dry completely, preferably leaving overnight in a cool, dry location. Then give the finished object a total coat with the decoupage medium to seal and protect it. Apply more coats, letting each one dry, if needed to get a smooth and even effect. Once all the coats are done and the medium is dry, voila! You’ve finished your decoupage project.

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