The eBosser Makes Crafting Easier

The eBosser is a revolutionary new machine used by the crafting community to make embossing and dye cutting projects easier.

The machine is shaped like a printer and is both sturdy and safe for home, educational and business use. It is fully automatic and even allows for large format crafting projects to be undertaken.ebosser

The eBosser is universally compatible with most dye cutting and embossing folders. It can be used to cut out shapes or emboss a range of materials quickly and easily; including card, fabric, metal foil and even leather!

The material you want to cut or emboss is fed in at one end of the machine and your finished project comes out within seconds at the other side. It is quick and mess free, resulting in wonderful embossed and dye cut pieces every time.

The eBosser is designed with safety in mind and will not allow items to be fed into it that are of the wrong dimensions. It fits the thickness of dye cutting or embossing folders and will reject any item of the wrong thickness.

This practical machine really does make crafting projects quick and fuss free to do. You can create pretty patterns and shapes quickly and easily to use in your paper craft or quilting projects.

Readicut Crafts is a leading crafting website that stocks the fantastic eBosser machine. They even have a demo video on site to show how it works.

Readicut also sell a variety of other practical crafting items and pretty embellishments to make your craft work wonderful. Visit to find out more.


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