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  • Cardmaking for Christmas

    Tuesday 17th September 2013
    You can make cards for any occasions and with Christmas just around the corner, only three months to go! Why not start now! Cardmaking is a simple and enjoyable craft...

  • Stitching for Occasions

    Wednesday 21st August 2013
    Special occasions are often marked with parties and celebrations. To remember these occasions people have pictures and mementos such as champagne corks and cards. There...

  • The eBosser Makes Crafting Easier

    Thursday 7th March 2013
    The eBosser is a revolutionary new machine used by the crafting community to make embossing and dye cutting projects easier. The machine is shaped like a printer and...

  • Rag Rugs To Brighten Up Any Home

    Tuesday 12th February 2013
    Rag rugs use simple techniques and are a cheap way to create a rug for your home. You use old materialsto create a impressive decoration to put into your home while...

  • Knitting Toys for Babies and Children

    Wednesday 6th February 2013
    Often it is difficult to find the right gift for babies and children. You want to buy something unique to show you care but can’t find the right gift. So why not...

  • Making Your Own Valentine's Cards and Gifts

    Wednesday 30th January 2013
    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so it is time to start thinking of the perfect gift for your loved one. If you have a little time on your hands then you...

  • Metalworking Gift Ideas For School Workshop Students

    Tuesday 22nd January 2013
    School shop and design tech classes are no longer limited to building ashtrays, bird houses and other such municipal projects. Lots of schools and colleges are now...

  • How To Make Decoupage Gifts

    Tuesday 18th December 2012
    Papercraft decoupage is an amazing hobby where the completed project is often incredibly deceptive, giving the impression that the techniques used to make it are highly...

  • Creating a Home Cinema in the Basement

    Tuesday 13th November 2012
    Creating a Home Cinema in the Basement Having a basement or a loft is a great asset when it comes to using the extra space for relaxation, fun and entertainment. The...

  • Sheet Metal Art Sculptures - A Unique Gift

    Sunday 28th October 2012
    Making a piece of art can be a highly unique and personalised way of giving a gift, and for something even more unusual and daring why not try some sheet metal art?...

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