Make Your Own Gifts

  • Making Rugs As Gifts

    Monday 3rd September 2012
    Rugs make truly fantastic and impressive looking gifts, and for an added personal touch why not make your own to give to someone rather than foisting off a store-bought...

  • Making Sheet Metal Art As A Gift

    Tuesday 14th August 2012
    Making a piece of art can be a highly unique and personalised way of giving a gift, and for something even more unusual and daring why not try some sheet metal art? You...

  • Tapestry Cushion Kits

    Friday 15th June 2012
    Do you enjoy creating beautiful modern tapestries from tapestry kits? You can create eye-catching designs as gifts for friends or to hang on the walls of your home with...

  • Make Your Own Gifts: The Tools You Need

    Monday 28th May 2012
    Making your own gifts is easy when you have the right tools and materials. It can be a way to save money or just give gifts with some meaning and thought behind...

  • Handmade Wedding Gifts

    Monday 28th May 2012
    Handmade gifts as wedding presents will be appreciated as they show thought and originality. You don’t have to have years of experience to give a beautiful...

  • Making Your Own Gifts

    Monday 30th April 2012
    Making your own gifts enables you to give unique, heartfelt presents to loved ones. Making your own presents can also be cheaper and more personalised than shop-bought...

  • Handmade Knitted Gifts

    Monday 30th April 2012
    There are a number of reasons for creating your own knitted handmade gifts. You might want to save money, be more creative, have somewhere for your craft projects to go...

  • A Basic Card-Making Toolkit

    Monday 30th April 2012
    Card-making is fun and creative and can help save lots of money – after all, think of how many greetings cards you send in a year. Home-made cards are suitable...

  • Knitting in the 2010s

    Wednesday 15th February 2012
    If you were asked to picture a lady who is knitting, what would you envisage? Most people would respond by saying that they see an older woman, most likely retired,...

  • Make Your Own Cards & Papercraft Gifts

    Wednesday 15th February 2012
    Getting started with papercrafting can be as basic or complicated as you want it to be, and you can soon be making collages, scrapbooks and even your own personalised...

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