Handmade Wedding Gifts

Handmade Wedding GiftsHandmade gifts as wedding presents will be appreciated as they show thought and originality. You don’t have to have years of experience to give a beautiful handmade wedding gift. You’ll just need some basic tools and high-quality materials.

Wedding Cards

A handmade card is ideal for a wedding. There are so many cards, inks and decorations to choose from that you’ll be able to make a greeting card that is truly personalised and unique. Card making kits are very affordable and allow you to be truly creative with your wedding message.

Wedding Embroidery

Why not embroider a personal gift for the happy couple? They will appreciate the time, thought and creativity that has gone into the present and will also have something they can treasure long into their married life.

Ideal gifts to embroider for weddings include tablecloths and serviettes, handkerchiefs, pillowcases and bedding. You can buy ready-made transfers or draw out your own images and messages to embroider. Have a look at some cross stitch or perhaps a homemade tapestry for the happy couple. Rug making kits are also great, and lets you give the newlyweds something for their home.

Other Hobbycraft Gifts

More or less any hobby that can be named will make an ideal gift for a couple that likes hobbycrafting. If they've got green thumbs, why not get them a gardening gift? You can also get a wedding photo frame for them so they can frame their own memories of the big day. And if all else fails try a new hobbycraft book - as well as something to read you can give them a whole new interest to share as they begin their new life together.

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