Creating a Home Cinema in the Basement

home cinemaCreating a Home Cinema in the Basement

Having a basement or a loft is a great asset when it comes to using the extra space for relaxation, fun and entertainment. The space can be ideal for installing a home cinema or entertainment room so that you can watch and enjoy with the family and with Christmas fast approaching there has never been a better time to take advantage of the Christmas deals. Excluded from the rest of the house, it would be a great place to get away from it all with your favourite movies. Even the teenagers can hook up their games consoles and have a much enhanced gaming experience. Home Cinemas are fun for all the family.

 But when it comes to the environment, the setting of the room and the décor can make all the difference. It is important not to ignore these factors 


Planning your Home Cinema Room

Your basement/loft must be fully safe and secure when planning to install an entertainment system. Make sure it is a dry room, damp proofed, insulated and plastered before starting to work on the space you have. Even if your room is not completed in terms of walls and floors, use this to your advantage and think about the wiring of your home cinema. Wires can be much easier installed into the wall to give a cleaner look to your setup. Make sure you keep your neighbours interests in mind and seriously think about sound proofing if you want an uninterrupted experience.


Colours and décor

One aspect which is often overlooked is the colour scheme. If you want to emulate an experience which is similar to cinema, go for dark colours on the walls floors and ceilings. The best options are midnight blue or a dark grey if you do not want black. Your choice of flooring should add a cosy feel with something soft underfoot which will also help with insulation and sound quality.


Blocking out the light

 Basements have a great advantage when it comes to blocking out light as there is minimal light exposure. Adequate ventilation is vital but no natural light is vital to getting the best home cinema experience. If you are not using a basement make sure you invest in blinds or curtains specially designed to block as much natural light as possible.


Furnishing the Space

 Keep in mind that you will want to maximise your basement space as well as make the viewing experience as comfortable as possible. Buying a huge sofa is great but thinking about creating a row of seating to get as many people as it is possible, comfortable and safe to fit.

 After this all you need is the equipment and then you will be good to go. Grahams specialise in home cinema set ups and technology. Grahams have been providing entertainment solutions for over a decade and is dubbed "One of the five best hi-fi shops in the world". For more information please visit

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