Handmade Knitted Gifts

Knitted GiftsThere are a number of reasons for creating your own knitted handmade gifts. You might want to save money, be more creative, have somewhere for your craft projects to go or just to make more unique presents. 

Knitting is perfect for making gifts for any occasion, such as births, christenings, birthdays and many more. After all, there are so many different things you can make, such as scarves, gloves, jumpers, hats, bags, socks, and even phone and MP3 player covers.

To get started with knitting your own gifts, you only need a few basic pieces of kit.


Unless you’re a very experienced knitter, you’ll need to work to a pattern. You can buy individual patterns or pattern books. Choose something as simple as possible to begin with and ask someone experienced to talk you through how to read a pattern. 


Of course you’ll need needles in order to knit. Use the pattern as a guide as it will usually suggest the size of needle that you will need to create the best effect. You can buy individual needles, needle sets and crochet hooks.


Choosing wool is perhaps the most fun part of any knitting project. There are lots of different colours and textures available but, as with needles, it’s best to follow the guidance of the pattern as different wools work better for certain styles and stitches.

Try visiting www.readicut.co.uk for everything you need to make lovely knitted gifts.

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