Making Your Own Gifts

Handmade GiftsMaking your own gifts enables you to give unique, heartfelt presents to loved ones. Making your own presents can also be cheaper and more personalised than shop-bought items. Here are a few ideas for making your own presents.


Card-making can be creative, fun and cheap, and can come in handy for all sorts of occasions throughout the year, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or just to show that you care.

To make your own cards, you just need basic tools and materials such as cards, cutters, mats, embellishments and ink.


Knitted gifts are perfect for babies and adults alike and they’re also very enjoyable to make. Knitting beginners can start out with making something simple such as squares for a blanket or a scarf. Later, once you have the right skills, you can make all sorts of things such as gloves, jumpers, bags and more.

To get started, you just need to invest in a few materials such as needles, wool and patterns.


Completed tapestries, embroideries and cross stitch projects make great presents – the recipient will appreciate how much time and care has gone into the needlework. Many people find needlework very relaxing and therapeutic.

If you fancy making needlecraft gifts, there are lots of easy ways to get started. For example, you can buy tapestry, embroidery and cross stitch patterns. Once you get more experienced, you may even be able to draw out your own patterns. With a few accessories such as threads, hooks and hoops, you’ll soon be off creating beautiful handmade gifts.

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