Rag Rugs To Brighten Up Any Home

Rag rugs use simple techniques and are a cheap way to create a rug for your home. You use old materialsto create a impressive decoration to put into your home while enjoying a hobby that you can get your claws into. Rag rugs could be the perfect gift as a house warming present, unique and cheap as well. 
Rag rugs were originally woven from bits of worn clothing and other odd ends of material, this was originally done in communities where nobody could afford to throw anything away and something was always made out of anything of use. The rag rugs were used until they fell apart so there are not many originals out there. Once the rag rugs were worn so much they were useless they were then used again for another rag rug!
Rug making before the age of central heating was essential to protect feet from the cold and dirt they also helped to retain the warmth in the house. Rug making was treated as a communal activity between the women in a village or town. 
The fabrics that can be used for rug making is anything that is not prone to fraying, woollen fabrics are usually the preferred option as it tends to be the most hard-wearing. A good place to find fabric like this is at jumbles sales, old cloths deep in the wardrobe and swap meets. Everything must be washed not just for hygiene but to ensure the fabrics are all pre-shrunk. You can also dye your scraps to get the right colour that you want your rug to be.
If you’re looking for inspiration for your home take a look at the rug making sets available to buy online from www.readicut.co.uk today.

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