Making Sheet Metal Art As A Gift

Buy Metal OnlineMaking a piece of art can be a highly unique and personalised way of giving a gift, and for something even more unusual and daring why not try some sheet metal art? You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to get someone an unusual and striking piece for their home or garden when sheet metal is supple enough to bend and shape while still withstanding the elements and aging well.

How To Make Sheet Metal Art

First decide what you want to make. Do you want a mask, a snake, a flower or just an abstract and artistic shape? Anything is possible with sheet metal art. Next prepare your work area. The easiest metal to work with is sheet, not plate metal, which is nice and thin, so you will need a place to prop the flat piece or something to weigh it down with so it doesn’t blow away.

Next you need to get your sheet metal! You can buy metal online from specialist stores, often made to measure, or have a look around local scrap yards and ironmongers to see if anyone has offcuts they want rid of. Just be cautious and wear gloves, as jagged or rusty metal can cause nasty injuries if not handled with care. If you can’t find enough actual sheets to use, look for thin tubes which you can split open and then flatten, which often works just as well.

Now sketch an outline of your design or the pieces of it onto the metal using a thick marker. Don’t worry too much about the lines as they can easily be cleaned off later, or just painted over if you are planning to paint your piece.

Use a decent quality pair of metal shears or snips to cut along the lines. This can be quite annoying to do but you will soon get the hang of it. The trick is to bend the metal down along the line you’re cutting so the shears or snips don’t get stuck.

Now you can bend, twist and curve the metal around using your hands (preferably in gloves for safety) or a pair of pliers. Pliers let you do tighter curves and more intricate shapes.

You’re done! You can now paint the metal – spray and sponge paints work great for unusual effects. If the piece is designed to go outside, make sure you use waterproof paint, or do a top coat spray with a sealer so the paint doesn’t run. Congratulations, you’ve made your wonderful piece of unusual sheet metal art – now all you have to do is work out who will be lucky enough to get it as a gift!

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