Metalworking Gift Ideas For School Workshop Students

School shop and design tech classes are no longer limited to building ashtrays, bird houses and other such municipal projects. Lots of schools and colleges are now offering metal workshops so that students can construct a range of projects both complex and practical. Students who are able to get into metalworking are learning a valuable trade skill, and are also given the opportunity to develop an unusual lifelong hobby as well as an unusual method of personal or artistic expression, and many students take advantage of their school-based metal workshop time to make a variety of fun and interesting gifts for friends and family. Here are a couple of ideas for gift metal projects that are sure to raise a smile in the recipient.

Decorative EaselDecorative easels are lovely to look at, add a classy touch to any room and are also multifunctional as they can be used to prop up paintings or photographs or even to hold books and ornaments. The project is relatively easy to complete, using stainless steel or other metal round tubes to form both the frame and the antique details. You’ll need to be able to weld and bend metal but there’s a lot of freedom to add plenty of embellishments and personal design touches here. Make sure you paint the frame when done – black is a classic choice for a wrought-iron look, although you will need several coats to get an even finish.

Iron and Tile End TableA wrought end table can be easily make out of some metal square bars and tiles in a handful of hours and gives an elegantly rustic touch to any home. Grab some nice classical or Victorian tiles and square tubing iron or steel (iron gives a more traditional look and is a bit easier to work with). The width of the tiles will determine the table width. You’ll also need some metal angles to make the table – but don’t forget to measure twice and cut once, or you’ll end up with wobbly legs on your finished piece!

There are plenty of other things you can make – including gifts for fellow metalworkers like support stands or welding tables, and even unusual and artistic metal sculptures. The only limit is your skill at joining and manipulating your metal of choice (as well as iron you can also try aluminium, which is very cheap and a lot lighter, or even brass if you want to make something very traditional-looking) – well, that and your imagination!

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