Making Rugs As Gifts

Rug MakingRugs make truly fantastic and impressive looking gifts, and for an added personal touch why not make your own to give to someone rather than foisting off a store-bought carpet? A lot of people have expressed interest in getting started with rug making but most have no idea where to begin. Searching for “beginner’s rug making kits” isn’t usually very helpful as rugs don’t really come with an inherent difficulty level, so we’ve put some thoughts together to help you find the right sort of rug for your first project.

Are you already into handicrafts or craft work, like cross stitch or knitting? If so, try looking at the types of rug making techniques which are closely related to your existing abilities and you’ll find the transition easier. You should also think about what texture you want your rug to have – do you want it to be a shaggy, friendly sort of roll-around-on rug? Look for knotted shags, bodkins or latch hook rug kits. If you want a smoother or more semi-professional looking finish then try braided, crocheted or knitted rugs.

Next, consider what you want your rug to do – well, besides lay on the floor! Is it going somewhere where it will get trodden on a lot, scuffed or otherwise suffer a bit of abuse? Flat wrap and crocheted rugs are great for holding up under pressure. Does it need to be springy for something nice to stand on in the kitchen? Try chain braids or knitted rugs. Want something squishy and soft for when you first get out of bed in the morning? Shirred rugs are for you.

If you want to be creative, avoid fabric tapestry kits or frame made rugs as these often allow for only basic patterning and insist you stick to a design scheme. Beaded and hooked rugs let you be much more inventive and include a lot more unique detail for a truly hand made gift rug. You can even get the whole family to pitch in for a really fun way to make presents – a new housewarming gift for example – and many types of rugs are simple enough for young children to pitch in with the work. Look at simple braids, prodded rugs and two string knitted shags.

So if you want to have some fun getting into rug making and find a new and unusual outlet for home made gifts for pretty much any occasion, the best way to start is just that – to start! Not many rug types require elaborate or expensive tools and setups – there’s a reason pioneers and early settlers were able to make rugs without difficulty – so grab a rug making kit from your nearest craft shop and give it a try!

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