Sheet Metal Art Sculptures - A Unique Gift

Buy Metal OnlineMaking a piece of art can be a highly unique and personalised way of giving a gift, and for something even more unusual and daring why not try some sheet metal art? Patterned sheet metal can be used for a wide range of different projects. It is quite unusual as it is very thin but can be bent, welded and shaped to create a single piece or a combination of pieces that uses several pieces of metal fitted together. It can also be used as a unique canvas and painted with different designs.

Thin sheet metal can be moulded and twisted to form sculptures which are highly angular or flowing and organic. With the right tools and talent, you can even do a form of origami using sheet metal which can create a wide range of attractive and striking shapes.

Sheet metal can be painted on just like a canvas, and you can either paint a single piece on an isolated section or form a sculpture and assembly and then paint that to add variation in colour and texture to your design. Look for particular specialist metal paints which adhere to the surface well, or try using textured surfaces like metal treadplates to give variation in the finished piece.

Finally, for the truly daring, you can take sheet metal apart and put it back together in strange shapes to form a unique type of sculpture. This takes training and skill, and safety is absolutely paramount, but for a talented artist with the right equipment then pieces of sheet metal both large and small can be used to create truly unique gifts that will stick in a person’s mind for years to come.

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