Father's Day Gift Ideas

Gifts for DadFather’s Day is a relatively new phenomenon but no less important than Mother’s Day. In fact, the first Father’s Day is thought to have been celebrated in 1910 in Washington, America.

Mums can be easier to buy for in many cases, but there are lots of present ideas for dads on Father’s Day too. Just like mums on Mother’s Day, dads will appreciate time off to put their feet up on Father’s Day. Take him out for a meal or cook his breakfast and make sure he doesn’t lift a finger on this special day.

You’ll probably want to give your dad a gift too. Think about what he enjoys doing and what his hobbies are to come up with the best gift ideas. For example, if he likes gardening, he might like a new garden tool or if he likes cooking, invest in a kitchen gadget or cookery lessons. Some dads are very handy so you could try getting him a gardening gift or something like a new rug making kit if he is into making things for the home.

Dads who are music fans will appreciate a CD or music DVD, or perhaps tickets to see a favourite band live. Many fathers are also into their gadgets so you could buy them something related to this, such as something new for their hi-fi system, some new home cinema equipment or an accessory such as headphones or a useful cable (yes, many dads will actually get excited about a cable accessory)!

If all else fails, do something to show your dad how special he is to you. Try getting a Dad photo frame and put a nice picture of the two of you in it to give him a trip down memory lane - we guarantee it will bring a smile to his face.

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