Photo Frames for Men

If you’re looking for a gift for a man in your life it can be a bit tricky to work out what he wants. Some men can be very reluctant to talk about their hobbies or what they would actually like as a present, as the quintessential male habit of disliking shopping often extends to their own preferences!

Photo frame gifts offer a useful solution for little occasions, and including an old photograph of a memorable event or fun-filled past moment can add a nice personalised touch as well which will have even the manliest of men giving a little smile. Here are some ideas for men’s photo frame gifts, brought to you by the team at Occasion Photo Frames.

Men's 18th Birthday Photo FrameThis black eighteenth birthday photo frame is great for a coming of age present. While we doubt most eighteen year-olds would be happy with getting just this for their big 18th, a nice photo from their party (or an old baby picture, depending whether or not you want to embarrass the poor lad!) can be a nice little addon present as a memento of the birthday.

60th Birthday Photo AlbumFor older gents who are more inclined to a bit of a reminisce, something like this 60th birthday red book photo album can be a great milestone birthday present. Pack it full of photographs of friends and family, old and new, hand it over with a glass of sherry (or other tipple of his choice) and brace yourself for the hours of storytelling that will doubtless ensue!

Dad Photo FrameIt’s rare to find a dad who doesn’t like being reminded he is one, so whether it is Father’s Day or you’re rummaging for present ideas on any other special occasion, a nice Dad photo frame can be a great solution. We love this one – fun, funky and modern, great for coming from the kids, and would look great on any dad’s office desk or workshop shelf.

There are plenty of other photo frame gift ideas around including a variety of special birthday, anniversary and general photo frames and albums for the man in your life – whatever his role – visit for more great photo frame gift ideas.

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