Ultra HD TV's for Home Cinemas

The future of home entertainment is looking bright as a new generation of screens are due to come onto the market. Todays 2 megapixel HD screens are nothing compared to 8 megapixel image from hi-res cameras to be released this year. It could soon be the standard format as was the trend with regular HD screens however; the screens will surely make their way into home cinema and integrated home entertainment systems by technology enthusiasts.

Features of Ultra HD TVs

The standard resolution of modern day HD screens is just 1920 x 1080, however the new ‘4K’ ultra HD screens have a mouth-watering resolution of 3840 x 2160 which prompts the question, how much clarity and detail is actually possible? The new TV’s boast an amazing clarity and detail which has never been seen before. This will give home cinemas across the world an even larger range of colours and will feel like you are watching live!

The new Ultra HD TV’s have a much improved 3D capability. They are certainly more comfortable and immersive, which is definitely the case the larger the screen size. Soon, Ultra HD resolution will become a must-have item. Your 3D home cinema will receive a much welcomed upgrade and the viewing experience will be much improved.

Home Cinema

Higher resolution, Bigger TV’s

The news of this new TV has coincided with announcement of 110 inch tvs as household TVs continue to grow in size every year. Ultra HD TVs are mainly available in huge 84 inch screens which are absolutely ideal for home cinema usage. Popular models are currently LG’s 84 inch 84LM960V as well as 84X9005 from Sony. It was actually Panasonic who pioneered the first plasma Ultra HD in a 152 inch plasma TV. The prices of these TV’s are yet to be seen but we are expecting these TVs to take the market by storm in 2013 and will make the perfect gift later in year or for Christmas. For information about Home cinema setups visit www.grahams.co.uk

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