View football In 3d with a 3D Home Cinema set-up

3d home cinema The recent increase in popular 3d viewing has made the dream of 3d Home cinemas a reality. This is especially great news for football fans around the country who drool at the prospect of watching football in 3D from their own homes. Coupled with the development of 3d screens and the sky sports 3D channel, watching your favourite players on a Saturday using your 3D home cinema is not only easy but is the future of football viewing at home.

The 2012 English Premier league was perhaps the greatest, most dramatic season finale ever seen (unless you are a UTD fan). Imagine actually being at that stadium on the final kick of the premier league season and witnessing history first hand. With the instalment of a 3D home Cinema, the home viewing experience has got a whole lot closer to this.

3D home cinema set ups do cost more than the average TV setup as you may have imagined, but its cheaper than you may think. The mass production of 3D tvs in the past few years have given way to a major decrease in price while the 3D technology keeps improving. Major retailers advertise a 47” 3D TV from £700 while smaller models are cheaper still, however, you really need to go for the larges screen possible to get the most out of your viewing experience.

 If you’re really going for the whole package, 3D home cinemas can be a great addition to an integrated home, installing the surround sound and lighting controls to fully optimize your viewing experience.

Installing this shiny new toy will feel like you’re involved in the game every step of the way. All you need now is to get the guys together with a few drinks and your weekends are sorted! The perfect gift for the whole family. For more information about 3D home cinema set ups, please contact Grahams at 020 7266 5500 or visit for more information.


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