Valentines Day Gift Etiquette

Valentines Day GiftsIf you’re looking for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, thinking about gift-giving etiquette could help you narrow down your list. It’s wise to think through present ideas carefully – buying a cliché card or soppy cuddly toy could suggest that you haven’t been thoughtful enough.

For New Couples 

If you haven’t been together for that long, choosing a Valentines Day gift can be even trickier. Giving a very lavish gift so early in the relationship could leave the recipient a little taken aback, but turning up empty-handed could make for a frosty date. 

The best plan is to play it relatively safe. If you have been together less than a month, you may just want to buy a card and perhaps give some nice chocolates. If you want to show some extra thoughfulness, you could always practise your card-making skills and give a handmade card - try a card making kit if you're new to the idea.

For Long Term Couples 

Making a list of Valentine’s present ideas can be a little easier if you’ve been in a relationship for a while. However, you still need to think carefully.

The main thing is to keep a budget in mind and tailor your present choice very closely to your loved one’s tastes and personality. It might not be the most romantic idea in the world, but some couples like to agree a budget for Valentine’s gifts so that neither party is left feeling awkward or embarrassed on the day.

There’s no need to spend lots on a Valentine’s Day gift – just a small token can show your love, as long as it’s chosen with thought and care. How about a nice romantic photo frame with a picture of the two of you in it, or a handmade gift of some sort to show that extra bit of effort?

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