Arts & Crafts Ideas

Arts and crafts can be a good way to relax and have fun both with your children and on your own. Children especially like paper craft which is brilliant for parents as it is not very expensive. There are many craft ideas that you can do and this article will give you a couple of examples.

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Scrapbook Making

One think that you can do with younger ones is making a scrapbook. If you have pictures of them when they were younger or of family they will love sticking these in. A scrapbook is a way that you can treasure special moments. Your children will love sticking in the pictures and making the pages look unique to them using different paper craft techniques such as stickers and coloured pens to decorate each page. It is something that they can keep for when they get older or to give as a present to a family member.


For the Older Generation

Learning to do something different that you may not have tried before is good fun. Cross stitching can create beautiful pictures which you can give as a present or keep to admire for yourself. Cross stitching is a popular form of counted- thread embroidery, it is often executed on easily countable even weave fabric called aida cloth.

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