Tips on Photo Frame Presents

Photo Frame PresentsWhether you’re buying photo frames for yourself or as personal gifts for other people, you need to make sure that the photo frame is right for the picture and the space where it’s likely to hang.

Here are some tips on getting exactly the right frame.

The Room

Think about the room where the photo frames will hang. The frame should enhance the photo or picture and help the image enhance the room – think about the colour of the furniture and décor and try to choose a frame which will match the shades and textures.

The Image

Photo frames need to let the image within them shine. Choose frames which have complementary shades to the picture within them and make sure that the frame doesn’t overpower the picture. Be creative though – sometimes a bold frame is what’s needed to make an image ‘pop’.

Be Flexible

If you’re giving a picture frame as a gift and you’re not sure where it will go in the owner’s home, go for something tasteful and neutral unless you know the person’s tastes extremely well.

Occasion Gifts

If you’re choosing a photo frame as a gift for an occasion such as a wedding, christening or birthday, go for something special as the frame is likely to be treasured for many years to come. You can get frames which have decorations such as ribbons or crystals, and some come engraved with poems or prayers.

For a wonderful selection of photo frames for any occasion, try

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