Photo Frames: An Ideal Gift

Photo Frame GiftsPhoto frames are ideal as personal gifts for many different occasions. They are a perfect way to treasure memories and show someone that you care.

Photo Frame Wedding Gifts

You could give a wedding photo frame as a gift to the couple on their wedding day, perhaps of them early in their relationship or a particularly nice shot of them together.

Alternatively, you could give them the framed picture after their wedding. Capture a candid shot of them on the day – perhaps something a traditional wedding photographer wouldn’t get – and send it to them to thank them for the invite and wish them well in their married life.

Photo Frame Birthday Gifts

A framed picture as a birthday present gives the recipient something to keep and enjoy for many years to come. You could frame a postcard, painting that you have done or just a nice image you find in a magazine or online.

Alternatively, choose a photograph that you know will mean something to the person whose birthday it is – a birthday photo frame could contain a picture of you together or some other happy time that will make them smile.

Photo Frame Christening Presents

Photo frames are very popular as christening presents. You could fill the frame with a lovely shot of the baby being christened or even frame something like a poem or a prayer. Alternatively, christening photo frames are available which already come with an inscription on or you can have a personalised one added yourself.

Picture frames are suitable for just about every gift occasion that there is. Fill the frame with a thoughtful image and the present will be treasured forever.

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