Present ideas for 21st birthdays

A 21st birthday, like an 18th, is a very special birthday. It’s the age at which a young person is seen to become an adult. That’s why 21st birthday cards often feature keys – as in, the key to the door of adulthood. 

When it comes to present ideas for 21st birthdays, people always want to choose carefully because it’s such a special occasion and often a gift that will be remembered and treasured forever.

Photo frames are always a good idea, especially as they’re a gift that can be kept forever and they have sentimental value. You could choose a family picture or perhaps a picture of the recipient when they were younger compared to now. These days, you can buy plain frames or something more decorative/personalised. You could buy a frame, for example, which carries a personalised 21st birthday message for your loved one.

As 21 is a traditional age for young people to strike out on their own, you could buy them something for their home, such as a home gadget or something ornamental. Money can be tight at 21, as young people are finishing studies and getting on the career ladder so they will appreciate goods for their home such as home cinema systems, hi-fis and white goods. Family and friends often club together for such big ticket items.

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