Present ideas for foodies

Us Brits are more obsessed by food than ever, lapping up cooking shows and cooking ever more exotic and unusual dishes. For many people, cooking and reading up on recipes is a hobby and they appreciate gifts related to their passion. Here are some gift ideas for the food fanatic in your life. 

Cookery parties

Cookery parties and cooking classes are now all the rage and will be particularly well received by foodies. They’ll get to try new recipes, cook in a high-spec professional kitchen and learn from a real expert chef. It’s also a chance to relax, sip fine wine and mix with fellow enthusiasts.

Cookery gadgets 

Whatever you want to do in the kitchen, you name it there will be a gadget for it - from choppers and peelers to ice-cream makers and waffle irons. Try and sound out the recipient for good gift ideas. Perhaps they’re trying a new recipe or having trouble with a particular technique. Listen carefully and you’ll be able to surprise them with a thoughtful present.

Recipe books

 Food fans always want new recipes to try and adapt. Buy them a new recipe book to get their teeth into. Look for something unusual or niche which they might not have heard of before – they’ll appreciate the challenge!

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