Wedding gift etiquette

If you’re thinking about present ideas for a wedding, you’ll need to have a good understanding of gift-giving etiquette. This will help you narrow down your gift ideas and avoid embarrassment. Here’s our short guide. 

If you’re invited, you should send a wedding gift 

If you receive an invite to the main wedding ceremony, it is customary to send a wedding gift so time to start thinking about present ideas! If you’re just invited to the evening party or the celebration at home after a wedding abroad, you don’t strictly need to send a present but it’s still a nice thing to do. You can focus your wedding gift ideas on smaller items.

Don’t wait a year 

Some people say that strictly speaking you need to hand over your wedding gift within one year of the ceremony. However, realistically you shouldn’t leave it longer than a couple of months. A general rule of thumb should be the sooner the better but a gift is always better late than never.

Wedding expenses don’t cancel out the gift 

Attending a wedding can be expensive, what with travel, accommodation, outfits and drinks etc. However, it is bad manners to assume that paying for these things cancels out the need to give a gift. However, if you’re spending a lot it’s fine for this to restrict your present ideas to lower budget items. Even a small present shows that you care and are grateful to have been able to share the couple’s special day.

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