Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift IdeasChoosing a wedding gift is an important task. You want to thank the couple for inviting you to share in their special day and also give them a present that they can treasure and keep.

If you want to give them something a little different, here are some wedding present ideas which are a bit different from the usual fare.

Time Together

A newly married couple will appreciate being able to spend lots of time together doing fun things. Often they will already have most of the things that they need for their home but paying for their wedding may have left them short of funds to have fun together.

You could give them a restaurant voucher, a night in a hotel or a fun activity together such as dancing classes or cookery lessons (cookery parties are very popular at the moment). This allows them to have fun whilst learning something new as a couple.


Homewares can be tricky because people have strong ideas about their own tastes and may also have a décor style in place. However, neutral items such as wedding photo frames can be ideal. A photo frame also means that you can choose a thoughtful picture, making the gift very personalised. Alternatively why not try a nice hobbycraft gift like some wedding cross stitch, or perhaps some nice gardening gifts?

Couples will also appreciate hi-tech gifts for their home such as music systems and home cinema equipment. You can always club together with other guests to buy these gifts.

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