New Baby Gifts For Mums

New Baby Gifts for MumsWhat do you give the woman who has just had a baby? Everyone gets a gift for the baby but some people forget about mum – and let’s face it, she probably needs a bit of pampering! 


 Most new mothers are very short on time and may well be tired and quite stressed in the early days. Why not go and spend some time at your friend/relative’s house? You could do some chores for them, help with baby, cook and clean and watch the baby whilst they exercise, nap or take a shower. You may be surprised at how difficult things like this are when you have just given birth.


Mum might not be up for nights out just yet but soon enough she will need a bit of time to herself. Why not give her vouchers for a night on the town (your treat), a night’s babysitting or something else? Alternatively, treat her to a night in one evening so she doesn’t need to worry about childcare. Takeaway and a good film could be just what she needs. Giving vouchers means you don’t need to worry about imposing as they can be cashed in whenever she is ready. 

Cookery parties

Cookery parties make excellent new baby gifts. New mums will relish a morning or afternoon away from home and hopefully they will also learn quick new dishes they can create to stay healthy during this busy time. Cookery classes are a great way to spend time with friends, relax and eat well. Find out more at

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