Original Baby Showers: Cookery Parties

Baby Shower IdeasAre you organising a baby shower for a pregnant friend or relative? Have you considered cookery parties? You and the other women invited could club together to throw the mum-to-be an event she won’t forget.

Spend Time Together

Chances are, the mum-to-be doesn’t need lots of baby products and many people prefer to choose their own anyway. However, she will probably appreciate an opportunity to spend some quality time with the women in her life before most of her time is suddenly taken up with the baby. You’ll all have the chance to cook, talk and enjoy together – and, even better, no one has to clean up afterwards!


We all lead busier lives than ever these days but cookery parties are very flexible, whether you’d like to hold one during the day, on a weekend or in the evening. They also mean that no preparation is required – you and your girlfriends just need to turn up so no one needs to shop for ingredients, clean their house or spend hours catering.


Although you’ll be cooking, cookery parties are actually quite pampering. It’s not about chopping, peeling and sweating over a hot stove. You’ll all have the chance to sip fine wines, taste ingredients and learn more about food and cooking. At the end, you’ll all be able to sit down together and enjoy the delicious meal that you have created.

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