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Handicraft GiftsHandicrafts are an increasingly popular way to spend time. Craft gifts make ideal gifts for a number of reasons. Craft projects give the recipient an enjoyable way to spend time and they may well learn something new as they work through the task. In addition, when the task is complete, they will have a finished item to keep and treasure. These are a few ideas for good handicrafts gifts to buy.


Many people enjoy needlecraft and find them a relaxing and even therapeutic way to spend time. Needlecrafts don’t need to take up a lot of space and they’re also very portable. Many people enjoy needlework activities as they watch TV or listen to the radio.

 Ideal gifts for needlework fans include cross stitch kits, tapestries, embroideries and more. You could also buy individual components, rather than full kits, such as coloured threads, needles and patterns. Needlework-lovers will also appreciate accessories such as hoops, lamps, storage items and more.


Knitting is one of the most popular craft hobbies these days and there are so many patterns and wools to choose from - there’s always a great gift you can buy for a knitter.

Ideal presents include a pattern or a book of patterns. Wools and needles will also be greatly appreciated. Knitting kits make great presents and are ideal for beginners, whilst more experienced knitters may appreciate accessories such as looms, books and knitting bags.


Rug-making is a very popular craft these days and there are plenty of gifts out there for hobbyists. Rug-making kits will always go down well and the range of options includes acrylic kits, European sets and materials for children. Accessories such as hooks, canvases and backing will also go down well.

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